Intro and Welcome

This is the post excerpt.

Hi guys and gals!
As I think about topics to talk about, I think back on my own path which began just over 10 years ago (at least for the recording studio). I was always in bands and was on the “other side” of the glass (the “talent”). Now I’m on “this side” (the engineer). And honestly, when I started my recording studio, I didn’t have a clue!! Everything I have learned, I have learned on my own through reading, tutorials, books, talking with friends in the business, trial and error, and lots and lots of hard work!
I work on a mac G5 running Pro Tools. But, really, it doesn’t matter your DAW of choice. What matters is how you do things. Some of what I cover will be specific for pro tools users, but many things will be on song-writing, producing, mixing, etc.
As an example, I remember how intimidated I was with the ‘Preferences’ setting (under ‘Setup’) in pro tools. I didn’t go in there for the first 5 years! But now, I’m in there all the time making custom settings that help me do my job easier! And this is a topic I will be covering in a blog later.
And – I will always try to keep these short and to the point. I will not “ramble”.
And remember . . . . make it a great day!


About me

Hi guys – this is the first entry for my new blog on music song-writing/composing, recording and mixing. I have been involved with music all my life, of course. I have also always been a composer. Even when I was a young kid first listening to the Beatles and Creedence Clearwater Revival, I was already starting to make my own creations.
I jumped into music recording/mixing 10 yrs. ago (Oct. 2004). I have learned much but still have much to learn. Honestly, I don’t think I will ever stop learning, because this path goes on and on and on and …….

I am a composer and song-writer. I own a recording studio (DoubleSharp Music). And I engineer and produce music. I LOVE what I do! It’s such fun! It is truly my passion.

And Hey! Make it a great day!!
Tim Wheeler

Organizing sessions in your DAW

I don’t like wasting time while working on a mix. Being organized in a session is critical. A lot of time can be wasted looking for tracks again and again and again! (Like I used to do in the early days!)
Because I use templates (see the post dated Feb. 23, 2015 ‘Creating and using templates in Pro Tools 8), a lot of my tracks are already organized how I like them, before I ever start. Sweet!
It is important to set up all your sessions the same way. That way you always know where certain tracks are going to be and can get to them quicker. A lot of time can be wasted looking for the aux track that has the reverb for instance. Or trying to find the bass track. Or . . . you get the idea.
I always organize the mix window from left to right (top to bottom in the edit window). I always start with the click track. Next are the drums (kick, snare top/bottom, hh, toms, overheads, room), Bass gtr, keys, guitars (elec. then acoustic), lead vox, background vocals. I follow this with a group of Aux tracks (for reverbs and delays). And then last is the final master fader.
The click is always far left – the master fader is always far right. I always know they are there. Or in the edit window the click is always at the very top and the master fader is always at the very bottom.
What if you have a percussion part or a tambourine or something else? I worked out an order (for me) that puts these extra parts in their respective group. Basically I go low to high (in sound or timbre) or main instruments part and then auxiliary instruments.
In a later blog I will talk about sub mix groups.
And HEY! Make it a great day!